Kopavi Systems, Inc.

Our History

Kopavi Systems, Inc. started in 1985 as Sawtooth Data Consultants by Mark T. Butler. Mark began using computers to help manage information for the construction business he was running in Ventura, California. That same year, he started writing his own programs for job costs management and a program for his family's llama business, Kopavi Llamas, for livestock management. In the Spring of 1985, SDC was officially launched when Mark decided to make Kopavi System One a commercial application. With the help of friends and carpenters from his construction business, he created his own packaging, loaded up an Olivetti M18 "portable" computer (about the size of a large suite case) and headed to a large Llama convention in Kallispell, Montana to show the new software along side a couple of prize llamas from the family ranch in southern Colorado.

Not much came of the llama software. In the early days of the llama business, few people raising llamas had computers. By the time everyone started getting computers, not many people were raising llamas. But it was enough of a start to launch a passionate interest in computer technology and a new business.

SDC specialized in computer communications (networking, remote access, etc) and custom distributed database applications. Gradually, the computer work became more stimulating than the construction work, and by 1990 attention was focused full time to computer networks and database systems design.

SDC began building a unique database model, "Atlantis," designed as a "data aquarium metaphor" rather than the more common database warehouse. This data model was put into action for a special project called WebBorg automated follow-up, that is now part of many of Kopavi's Internet projects and available as a licensable service.

In 1993, SDC/Kopavi was contracted to co-develop a software package for lending institutions. The product was launched in 1996 and is being marketed nationally by a large credit union services organization. The PCTrack operation was distributed out of Madison, Wisconsin, with customer service and data processing in Stockton, California, and tech support in Hamilton, Montana.

In 1996, SDC moved its base of operations to Hamilton, Montana where the creative, technical, and management teams all reside. Marketing and project management relationships are run from several locations throughout the country and expand into Europe.

Also in 1996, SDC changed its name to Kopavi Systems, Inc. to avoid conflict with other organizations utilizing the Sawtooth name, and to tie the name more closely to the original product name and Kopavi-MJB software division.

Kopavi Systems, Inc. specializes in designing, implementing, and servicing eBusiness applications. Whether the system is an eCommerce Web site, a B2B Internet Exchange, or a next generation Client Server application combining Internet, Extranet, and LAN technologies, we have the expertise.

By combining years of experience in systems integration and database development, with a passion for mastering cutting edge technologies, we work from a platform of creativity, security, and technical savvy that is uncommon in the industry.