Kopavi Systems, Inc.
Glossary of Terms


Atlantis is the name of Kopavi's extremely normalized and granular database model. Unlike the data warehouse metaphor, Atlantis is what we call a "data aquarium metaphor." The data is broken down into distinct objects which can be seen from many views into the aquarium. Similar to life in an aquarium--connected by water and inter-related by the ecology--the objects in the Atlantis model are constantly in touch by various links and relationships. In comparison, the data warehouse metaphor files and stores information to be recalled. Atlantis allows data to be available from any part of the system--as though it were drifting in water, easily observed from different windows.

All of Kopavi's information systems including our new Internet "Atlantis On-Line" Web integration systems are designed around the Atlantis Data Model.


The Hopi (Native American) word for "Open Door" was initially the name of the family llama ranch of KSI's founder, Mark Butler. The llama ranch, started in the Wood River Valley near Hailey, Idaho, later moved to the Huerfano Valley in southern Colorado near the Sangre De Cristo mountains. The first commercial software product was a Llama management program named "Kopavi System One" which debuted in Kalispell, Montana at a Llama convention in 1985.

See: History of Kopavi for more details.


ServiceNetwork is our service and support site (www.ServiceNetwork.com). Here you will find tech support forms, instructions, and tools to help monitor and manage your site.


Originally, the company was named Sawtooth Data Consultants and one of the lines of software was called Kopavi Systems. Since all of the software was copyrighted under Kopavi-MJB Software Designs, in memory of Mitchell J. Blake, and since Sawtooth was used by other organizations in the computer industry, the company name was changed to Kopavi Systems, Inc.

The inspiration for the word Sawtooth comes from the Sawtooth mountains in Idaho, visible from the Galena summit on highway 93 just north of Sun Valley, overlooking the Stanley Basin--one of the most beautiful places on earth.

See: History of Kopavi for more details.