Kopavi Systems, Inc.
WebBorg Response Service

Let our WebBorg Response Service add value to your advertisers and clients. The WebBorg Service will streamline your efforts with a dependable system that gets the leads into the right hands immediately.

This unique service quickly integrates into any existing web site, rapidly changing a static one way site into an interactive information system that instantly responds to visitors and automatically routes new leads to the best method of follow-up.

The WebBorg Response Service provides the following advantages:

Creates a simple, concise, on-line customer form which includes the most common lead profile fields - subscribers can quickly enhance their site using a simple URL link. This form is actively linked to Kopavi's customer service database.

Routes profile information for each new lead as an email message to a designated web site manager for tracking, and a profile copy to a designated client or advertiser mailbox. The email message is sent in both a simple visual layout and as a fixed length record. The message and imported fixed length record can be extracted from the WebBorg Response Service into any contact management software, database, or spreadsheet - each new lead can be routed to one of many representatives segmented by state.

Displays email messages tagged to include a follow-up status heading followed by the specific lead name. This allows for easier management of all leads within follow-up status and/or by name.

Sends an immediate customizble automatic response email message back to each new lead.

Sends an optional 48 hour automatic reminder message back to the designated client or advertiser mailbox, ensuring each new visitor is contacted within an appropriate time.