Kopavi Systems, Inc.

Text to give set up:

  1. You select an available keyword like "AspGive".  We then activate the text giving feature and send you the text number. 
  2. You can then notify your donors of the text giving option.  When they text your selected keyword (in this case "AspGive") the donors receive a text response with a link. 
  3. This link takes them to a special web donation page designed for that campaign and integrated into our EFTPlus system (DonationPoint).  This way all the reporting information is integrated with all the rest of their giving and is processed through the same process as your online donations.

Here are some of the advantages and unique features of our text giving option over others:

  • This text giving process is more flexible and the information, donation and reporting are all integrated into the same channel as the rest of your donations
  • The donor can pay through normal means.With other text giving options the donation amount is added to the cell phone bill which makes it harder for the donor to reconcile 
  • Funds are deposited in a real time manner (just like regular donations).  With other systems funds are received after waiting for the donor's new cell phone billing cycle 
  • You can present the donor with a page containing information and options--not just a set donation amount as with most texting program 
  • You can offer recurring giving options
  • integrated tracking and analytics can be used since the link goes to a web page rather than being handled on the phone network and billing.
  • Finally, our text giving feature is significantly less expensive since you are not paying for any additional handling services.

To see an example of how this would work:

Text the keyword EZDUQ14676 to 313131 and you will see how the feature we setup for "Kopavi" works.


There is a one time cost of $190 to obtain the keyword, setup a landing page, create the text response action, and integrate transactions and reporting into your EFTPlus account.  There is also a recurring cost of $60.00/mo to reserve the keyword and license it’s use with the short code number.

If you have more questions please feel free to contact us @ 406.363.0514. We can review next steps and other options like selecting keywords, creating specific keywords for campaigns and answer any other questions.