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RegistrationLine™ Family of managed/hosted applications
RegistrationLine™ Stand-Alone Payment/Checkout process.

Place a "Register Now" link on any page, pass an event title and event price and take the visitor directly to the RegistrationLine™ Payment/Checkout process.

The checkout process as with all our TransactionFire© Technology applications resides on a dedicated secure server. A link to "Register Now" can be on any page on any site in the world and need only pass EventTitle= and EventPrice = to the payment/checkout process.

The admin area includes the Transaction Master List application.

Registration transactions show up in your transaction master list history view. There is no tracking of "Participants" with this module.

Event module partnered with the RegistrationLine© Payment/Checkout process.

The Simple event module which includes a list of events with a drill down links to Event profile details. When partnered with our simple and straight forward EventReg Payment/Checkout process the link to "Register Now" appears in the detail view of the event profile and takes the customer to the checkout process with options and information pulled directly from the Event Module.

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RegistrationLine™ Express

A quick way to get information about multiple events online and integrated with a registration process.

RegistrationLine™ Express combines the event information and registration management into a single application which does not require any site or sub site hosted with Kopavi (other than the RegistrationLine™ Express register and checkout application).

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RegistrationLine™ Skycog™ Edition

For clients who want to integrate event information and registration processing with customer service and contact management features into a complete package, the full version Skycog™ Edition of RegistrationLine™ offers features not found in any other application of it's type.

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Volunteer App

The volunteer application gives our clients the ability to post multiple events and the flexibility to add different positions or shifts within each event. This application is great for nonprofit organizations trying to recruit volunteers to help setup, serve, or cleanup for an event.

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RaceManager Pro™

RaceManager Pro™ The complete solution for registration, entry management, time posting & results reporting of any athletic timed sports event or race. Fully integrated tools to handle race management from multi-staged triathlons to simple 5k runs from start-to-finish.

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Online Store/Catalog

Bring your business to the next level with our online store module. Fast and easy to use, the online store builder helps you create an unlimited number of catalogs with detailed product listings. The checkout process is easy and secure with email confirmation on every order placed. All of the above options include secure bank/credit card payment processing using Kopavi's reliable TransactionFire Technology which integrates with Authorize Net's industry leading internet payment authorization gateway.