Kopavi Systems, Inc.

Online Payment Processing

We have been helping organizations integrate online payment processing services since 1996. We continue to work with cutting edge solutions that provide the best cost/vs. features for our clients.

Card and EFT Processing
All of our apps that process transactions are designed to work with Authorize.Net gateway accounts. Depending on how your Gateway account is setup our apps can handle EFT and/or Card transactions seamlessly. If you already have an Authorize.Net account you are ready to go. If not we can help you set one up and get you our partner rates now.

Payment Processing Levels

  • Basic: Lowest cost, entry level setup with a great list of features.
    Best for organizations with low volume wishing to minmize cost avoid expense of a full service merchant account. This simple solution works with an Authorize.Net gateway configured for eCheck/EFT transactions only.
    • No monthly merchant account fees
    • Transactions process through your own Authorize.Net gateway account
    • Funds post directly to your bank account in 3 - 4 days, no third party holding your funds
    • Accept One Time and Recurring transactions in our apps where applicable
    • Very low fees on EFT transactions compared to Card
    • Easy upgrade path to accepting cards as your volume increases
  • Complete: Full Merchant account and Gateway integration.
    Merchant account for Card processing integrated with an Authorize.Net gateway. The most complete set of services with the most control over cost and fees. No middle man required for holding and distributing your funds.
    • Accept card and EFT transactions
    • Your own merchant account with best options for card fees
    • Card and EFT transactions all processed through the same Authorize.Net gateway
    • All funds post directly to your bank account in 3 - 4 days, no third party holding your funds
    • Accept One TIme and Recurring transactions in our apps where applicable
    • Same low fees on EFT transactions
    • Clients/Donors can pay with their preferred method

Your own accounts Your Way
Unlike shortcut solutions that create a minimal account that is not really a true gateway and merchant account that you own and control we setup full-service accounts. You own the gateway. You own the merchant services account. You, and only you get the funds as soon as they are available.

Payment processing solutions can be incorporated into new and existing applications or sites and can be a part of a complete set of packaged Electronic Funds Transfer and Payment Processing Services.

To find out what services best suite the needs of your organization call 406.363.0514 or Email Us